How do I move and save data to SD Card on Polaroid Android Lollipop P902B


Jan 6, 2016
I recently purchased 2 Polaroid Android 5.1 Lollipop tablets and 2 - 32GB micro sd cards to add storage. I cannot get anything to go onto sd cards. I have tried connecting to the computer and manually moving or copying from internal storage to sd card and I get a message saying Polaroid tablet is busy. I spent over an hour on a chat with Sutherntelecom chat but in the end they told me to ship, at my expense, both tablets back to them and they would send me 2 new tablets. I hesitate to do this since it seems that so many are having the same issue as I am. I did point that out to the support tech but it seems they think we just happened to get 2 tablets that are not working correctly. BTW I tried 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and a 32GB micro sd cards with no luck. I'm open to any suggestions for the Android Lollipop tablet.


This is strange... Try to format this card before you plug it in. Connect it via card reader and format it (FAT32). is it okay now?
Can you transfer any data from internal storage to your SD card (using usb cable and computer) ?
The SD slot may be defective.