How do I see my games that I moved to sd card after factory reset on samsung tab 4. I moved these apps via the applications in

Feb 13, 2018
I factory reset my tablet but before that I moved a lot of games to the SD card to free up space in my tablet. Now I cannot find the games on the SD card? How do I find them. I can see in storage there is things on the card. Please help, this is driving me nuts ...



No, the games need to be installed on the tablet, then moved to the SD card. You can keep your files on the SD card and move them from place to place, but not programs.


Feb 13, 2018
did u do a factory reset with the sd card in the tablet if u did u would of wiped the sd card clean and u won't be able to get ur games back
Feb 13, 2018

Hi no I undoubted the sd card before I reset my tablet

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