How do I transfer a game from one computer to another if they're connected by a cable? Copying doesn't work.


Oct 14, 2016
I have a game on my laptop (purchased years ago) that I'd like to have on my new pc. Unfortunately when I copied it onto a disk and then into the pc it came up as if I had a free trial with 2 mins left! I'd be willing to buy it again but it's no longer available. I have a lead to connect both computers but don't know how to move something from one to the other. Can anyone help?

I tried transferring the game from the laptop to an external hard drive and then re-transferring it into my pc, but the result was the same. The game is Scrabble Journey, which I love and can't understand why it would have been discontinued. If anyone knows how I can bypass the free trial thing I would be grateful. It's not as if I hadn't paid for it in the first place so I'm not trying to cheat anyone. I know I can play it on the laptop but, apart from the fact that it's now on its last legs and may cark it at any minute, I'd rather play on the new pc as it has a much bigger screen which makes it much easier to see the squares!