Question How does my headset works???

Oct 27, 2021
Recently i bought a headset with a mic integrated, but I'm Having a nighmare trying to connect it to may pc. there is not video that shows a headphone /head set with this type of connections (maybe is a lot simpler of what it look like) & been looking for the past 3 days and never seen and headset/headphones with this dual connection.

basically in the end of the braided cable it splits in 2 one side has a 3.5 mm jack with 3 black lines (4 pole i believe) and the other head is a a USB.

now... i tried before to connect the usb but my pc for some reason doen't recognise it in other hand when i connect the jack i can only hear but my mic doen't work.

the question here will be: if it has usb connection is not supposed to connect everything audio and mic??

im aware about my pc, that i will need a spliter in order to used heaphones and mic together but ti has the usb so i don't get it...

hope you guys can help me out! Thank you!


Wheat exact brand and model of headset is it? From the way you describe it, it has both a 3.5mm and a USB cable going to the headset? That seems it's one of the cheaper headsets with lights is that correct? They use the USB connection to power the lights. To use a 4 pole connection on a computer with dual connections for speaker and headphone you will need a 4 pole to dual 3 pole adapter to split the mic and headphone/speaker signals. The manual to the things should have all this.
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