Question How I can manipulate audio sound effects in a pc game to hear specific sound effects more than others?

May 17, 2020
I'm playing a new game in beta called Valorant which is basically just an FPS with all sorts of abilities to give you an edge.

I want the sound effct of footsteps to be much higher in volume but I'd like to keep the sound effect of gun shots much lower.

I want the sound effect of other players abilities to be louder but my abilities to be quieter.

I just want to manipulate the audio on my end which I feel like should be achievable.

Please give any input you have I've always been so curious about this but could never find an answer by doing simply google search's.


Check the audio level options in the game, you also can play around with EQ in Windows options or download one to use. Footsteps are most often in the higher range or the frequency spectrum. How detailed your headphones are is also a big factor, the better headphones allow you to hear things you did not even know where there when using another set.
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