Question How many hidden calls does iPhone keep?


Apr 20, 2013
Hi all, I want to discuss something that may have been overlooked by most people because this is not a feature that may raise too much concern. However, I really wish to know if I am able to find out some call logs which may have been deleted, or may have lost. Hope there will be some tech geek will help. Thanks so much.

I know that iPhone only shows 100 recent calls. However, I know that they are keeping more than that, because I once received a new call when I was checking the bottom of the recent call list, then the last number was gone, but then it showed up again once I deleted the newest call.

Does anyone know how many "hidden call" an iPhone does actually keep?

Is it true that if iCloud backup is ON, it would back up all call logs even if they are deleted manually on the local device? Does anyone know how many such call logs (including the deleted one) that iCloud will keep? Will iCloud automatically delete the "deleted call" forever after some time?

Thanks again for anything you can input.