How much is my laptop worth?


Dec 24, 2015
I would like to know how much I can get away with selling my laptop. So a bit of background, I bought my laptop at Best Buy, and it is a Lenovo Y50-70 Touch. After about 9 months, I opened my screen and the hinges broke. I had it sent in using my warranty, and was fixed by Lenovo. The warranty is now expired, but the laptop performs pretty good. I swapped it out with an SSD (because it was VERY slow with the bootup, and soon Mechanical hard drive failure happened, I suppose it might have been when my computer was shipped to or from Lenovo)

Here is a list of the componets.

  • ■Model:Y50-70 Touch
    ■Processor: Intel i7-4700HQ @ 2.4GHz(4 cores, 8 threads)Intel ARK Page
    ■GPU:Nvidia GTX 860M 2GB NVIDIA Page
    ■Storage: SanDisk SD7SB7S010T1122 1TB SSD aaawave Page
    ■Random Access Memory(RAM):8GB DDR3 Laptop Memory
    ■Ports: 2 USB 3.0 Ports, 1 USB 2.0 Port, 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port, One HDMI Port, One SD Card Port, One Microphone Port & One Headphone Jack Port, One Lock Port, and AC Adapter Port.

So I bought this laptop for about $1,000 USD at Best Buy, but I know over time the value goes down. I think the SSD would definitely boost up my price a bit, since I put a 1TB SSD in it that was $300(and was definitely worth it, as my boot time was 8 seconds!). A reason I want to sell my laptop is because I plan on building a desktop tower. I am open to all opinions. Also, one more thing, the "V" key is heavily worn down, and a little wear is on the "Space" key, but nothing that degrades the performance of the laptop or causes failure.


Thank you,



Nov 1, 2015
For a laptop that was released almost three years ago it still has pretty decent specs,still competent lowish mid range gaming laptop. You see refurbished laptop with similar specs (you see alot of laptops with I7 4720's on them which are about 10% faster than yours and you GPU is comperable to the GTX 950m's slower than the 960's). The refurb on these go for around $600, however not a lot of people are willing to but a used laptop and if they are theyre more willing to buy something with a 90 warranty and the minor things like scuffs and messed up keys replaced for new looking pieces.

If you're selling to a stranger I think $400 is very reasonable you might be able to get $500, this price is including a mechanical HDD (i personally think you should keep you sdd put a $50 1tb mechanical HDD in and install Windows, you can advertise that its got a brand new HDD and have the box and what not to prove it. Save you SDD for the new build, that HDD is worth about $275 new, but no one is going to pay you that much more to have it, probably hald that value.

Mot people will get everything they need out of a new $250 'Pentium quadcore' this makes it tough to sell higher end used laptops. Hopefully a gamer will spell this, if its in great shape you ocould in theory get $650+