How Smart Homes Have Dumb Security

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Feb 15, 2009
It's a really dumb thing to do by having a smart home. You see, it's sold to the public as convenient but like said above, it's a security risk. The Criminal NSA will love having access to your home and know much more about you. Do you really want that?
This article is pretty ridiculous. By and large the criminals breaking into your home are too dumb for any hack. The bust a window and grab everything they can in a couple of minutes than make a break for it. The more advanced ones will find a house they know will be empty all day with no security and take more time.

If you are rich enough to have a criminal this advanced. Dedicate this much time breaking in. You are likely in a multi-million dollar mansion. With a very high tec security system not vulnerable to this attack. You're house is also likely in a very exclusive neighborhood with gardeners, maids, &c coming in an out all the time.
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