Solved! How to activate Anti-Virus Software in Dell Laptop

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Oct 25, 2014
Have purchased Dell Laptop from Delhi in AUG 2014 alongwith Mcafee Anti-Virus Software with 15 months free. I am unable to activate the above software in my laptop. could please advise me how to activate the software in my laptop? Every time displaying McAfee showing you have not activated. Already 2 months passed still i am unable to activate the software.
McCaffey AV sucks anyhow. I'd uninstall it and go download either AVG free antivirus or Avira free antivirus. In fact, the free antivirus, Windows defender, works just as well as McCaffey if you use it in conjunction with a good malware scanner like Malwarebytes, which you should do regardless of which AV you're using.
I don't see the point. Why would anybody want to activate McAffee anyhow, even if it was entirely free? It's seriously about the most code bloated of all the AV programs available and uses a ton of resources. McAffee is for mainstream users who don't know any better, at least IMO. AVG, Avira and Windows Defender, with up to date definitions and used aside a good malware scanner like Malwarebytes is going to provide better protection while consuming fewer system resources than any of the bloatware versions like McAffee, Norton and Kaspersky. Of course, Kaspersky and Norton are great programs, very effective, but all three use way more resources than is necessary or than other programs with similar effective routines use.
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