How to blow fan if I do not have a vent under the laptop

Ibraim Yasin

Dec 22, 2014
I have a laptop and recently it started overheating, im sure its because of the dust built up inside (not a lot, dont worry :)) ). Now I wanted to blow out the dust using compressed air, but from what I know, I must use a toothpick or something to keep the fan from spinning, because it might "fry", but I dont have any other access to it other than the side vent, plus that it is still in warranty and I dont want to open it (screws are painted). How am I supposed to clean it?
Hello Ibraim Yasin

I was wondering if you can arrange a vacuum cleaner and use it at the side vents to suck (absorb) all the dust from the CPU fan instead of blowing it off. This could solve the purpose.

If this is not possible, and since your laptop is still under warranty, you should take it to a nearest authorized service center in your local area and get it serviced by a professional technician.

Good Luck!!