How to change Quick Settings on Android 12


Sep 12, 2018
Changing the Quick Settings toggles is easy, so here's how to do that.

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Thanks so much bro! I hate (am I aloud to use that word? ) the new layout of quick settings and you have to pull down MULTIPLE times to adjust screen brightness which is something I do AT LEAST twice a day. Now it takes 2 pulls just to get there!
Android 12 has evolved into something that is so overly complex and user UN friendly in Soo many ways.
I have given up on them ever fixing the permissions for apps back to the ease of use of android 3.
I have mp3s on my phones. I can see them in one app, but not access with a player app. (blackplayer) Really?? Useless!
They have a pop-up that has little explanation, (previously no explanation at all). Tells you, click on a directory in the next window to open permissions for the app. You do it... Still no permission on subdirectory or whatever. My music is contained in a directory with sometimes 3 to 6 levels of music subcategories underneath. Apparently Android just can't handle that. It's just hopeless.