How to change sensitivity of Aspire E15 touchpad

Anwer Karim

Apr 29, 2015
I bought this new Acer Aspire E15 laptop. Its touch pad is pretty annoying. Whenever I move the pointer and tap on some button it jumps to another place. It takes almost three to four times an effort to tap the right button. Its time consuming and very very annoying. sometimes the cursor freezes and does'nt work. It seems that the touch pad is not working properly. Any suggestions by anyone ?



Jun 20, 2015
The fitted driver provides no adjustment and it makes the touchpad far too sensitive for some users. I suggest that the problem lies with Elan for not updating even the latest drivers to assist customers. Take it back because it is not fit for reasonable users and insist on money back. If you bought at Currys PC World good luck. By the way you can't even use a different driver like Synaptics which has the adjustments. Most unhelpful avoid like the plague.
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