how to charge laptop battery outside of laptop


Jun 1, 2014
Does anyone know how to charge a laptop battery outside of the laptop? I have a Dell XPS L502X with a probable broken power jack. However, I would like to charge the battery to make sure the laptop still works. Laptop failed with low battery warnings and finally turned off. Charger is in good condition and worked for a year- power jack is very loose fit to power adapter plug.


I know of no way to charge those type batteries outside of a laptop (I'm sure Dell can but that doesn't help us). On the flip side, your power jack is replaceable without soldering or anything fancy (other than disassembly/reassembly).
Replacement Power Jack can be found here as an example - can be readily sourced elsewhere also
Directions for disassembly can be found here
Look over the disassembly instructions, I'm hoping you will find it isn't too intimidating (it really isn't - after once or twice inside the laptop, you'll feel like a master - seriously, that's the way this works) as the guide is very good IMO
Hi, I know that some manufacturers have an adapter to charge the battery outside of the laptop, but I do not know if they have made it ​​for your laptop. Also, you can find someone with the same model of laptop and recharge your battery with their laptop.
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