How to claim my locked account?

Jun 9, 2018
My account is not fame.
And when I send a message to someone I also follow its direction but I didn't notice that it was a scam. And I want to take back my account because I miss it so much. And promised not to do bad things again.


Jul 25, 2012
Seeing as we are Tomshardware, we obviously cannot fix your problems with third party companies and websites. We don't affiliate with them and have no influence or ability to do anything for you here.

If I am following your vague messages (don't overload me with info, now!), you got locked out of your account or blocked for sending spam or attempting to scam people. If this is the case, there's nothing we can do for you, and frankly nothing we'd want to. Contact whoever banned you and beg.

To get help with OTHER PEOPLE'S websites, you need to go to them. Go to their official support channels, and outline your case. We literally cannot help you in any way aside from guiding you on where to do this.

If you wanted something else, elaborate so your post is actually comprehensible and we will perhaps be able to assist. If you just want someone to help you get back into an account you lost on some random third party website like Facebook or twitter - we can't do that. It's literally outside the scope of what we can do for you. Contact the support for those websites, not us.

The only additional caution I would have is make sure that the people you contact are actual representatives of that site. For instance, on Facebook, you should still be on on their support site, not some random URL.
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