Question How to collect sounds from dual monitors to a single speaker?

Oct 7, 2019
I have a desktop with nvidia gtx1070ti connected to two monitors, one with hdmi and another with dp.

I also have a Nintendo switch and ps4 which are currently comnected to my main monitor (the one connected with dp cable) with a splitter as hdmi. My main monitor is also connected to an external speaker with 3.5 headjack thingy.

What i would like to do is:

  1. Connect switch to my second monitor
  2. Connect my second monitor's sound to my external speaker
  3. Connect ps4 to my main monitor or to my second monitor
  4. Have the two monitors output sound to the speaker simultaneously
The reason for this setup is so that i could use my computer as well as either switch or ps4 on the two monitors and listen to streaming or movies while a game is on.

I think my speaker has usb port so should i buy hdmi to usb cable if there is one?

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