Solved! How to connect 2 speakers and sound bar to an amp

Oct 3, 2020
So I am looking to get some surround sound in my room, but I'm having some difficulties. I have a Bluetooth sound bar already that I use to listen to music in my room. The only thing you can use to connect it to something is the aux port. I was wondering if its possible to connect it to an amp, that's already connected to 2 other speakers. So I could connect to the amp using Bluetooth, and have it play sound through the 2 wired speakers and the sound bar.
  1. You can get both the soundbar and amp/speakers to play at the same time but you won't get surround sound. Both will play the same 2 channels. Overall I would say don't waste you time. Get better speakers for the amp. Most soundbars are pretty bad at music. But if you want to try it then.
  2. Your amp would have to have a built in BT receiver or you would need to connect one to an input. You would connect a speaker to line level converter to the amp speaker terminals in parallel with the speakers wires or to speaker B if you had that. Then connect its' output to the soundbar with a 2 RCA plug to 3.5m stereo plug cable.
You can now adjust the volume of both the speakers and soundbar from the amp. The volume control of the soundbar would be used to adjust how much the soundbar outputs in relation to the speakers.
Oct 3, 2020
The sound bar is nice cause its loud. Its not terrible. By surround sound I just kind of meant like speakers in general. Do you think I could connect the sound bar to the amp through the aux and the other 2 speakers can just connect to the back of the amp like normal.
Aux is an input not an output so can't be used.
If the amp has a preamp output you could use that directly to the soundbar aux input.
If the amp has a record output that could drive the soundbar but the volume of the amp/speakers would be independent of the soundbar volume so you would have to adjust the volume of them independently.
Using one of these
will work.
Surround sound isn't just a matter of adding additional speakers. You will need a surround sound AVR.
That soundbar seems to have an aux input so you can only get it to do 2 channels not three. To connect it to an AVR you will need one that has line level L/R front outputs or use a speaker to line level converter to connect the soundbar to the AVR.
The additional speakers would connect to the L/R surround speaker terminals of the AVR.
The AVR would have to be set as follows
Front L/R large
Center none
subwoofer none
surrounds small
Oct 3, 2020
I didnt mean surround sound like that sorry. I just menat like I wanted to add extra speakers. I am just looking for an amp that can connect to the soundbar and those two speakers
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