How to connect a subwoofer to a ken wood house integrated amplifier


Oct 12, 2015
I have a h3 punch 12 subwoofer and I want to know how to connect it to a ken wood integrated amplifier A-3X
Depends on what you are trying to accomplish.
If you want to use the Kenwood as the power amp for the sub and are connecting it to your surround system then connect the sub out of the surround system to any line level input of the Kenwood (either left or right). The woofer connects to the same speaker out that your used for the input.
If you are using the Kenwood with your full range speakers and want to use the sub with them you will need another amplifier that would connect to preamp outs (if the Kenwood has preout) or to speaker terminals with a speaker to line level adapter like this one
that would connect to the subwoofer amp.
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