how to connect act. equlizer betwen 901 spks & Yaaha dsp 675 jagan


Dec 12, 2013
at present i have 901 -IV speakers and yamaha A3010 DSP amplifier The active equalizer is connected between preamp out & power amp in onthe same amp. Now i want to change the Amp to DSP AV 675. But on the amp no facility cnnect active equalizer can you plesese advise
After looking at your old unit I am not sure you were ever passing sound through it. You do have pre outputs but no amp inputs on the old Yamaha. The multi channel inputs would not work. To make it work it would have to be connected from the correct pre outputs to an external power amp that would be driving the Bose. The EQ should only be used for the Bose so even if you had a tape monitor loop it would EQ all the speakers not just the Bose.
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