how to connect JBL N-Center 2-Way Center-Channel Speaker to computer


Aug 19, 2009
i have that JBL center speaker and 2 other speakers that go on the side

think i need an amplifier?

my power supply is 700 watts

my motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-Z97M-DS3H --- LGA 1150 Intel Z97

i read about a amplifer

the spekaer is a red + and a black + plug

can it be done for under 150$?

lemme give specs as i have found for speakers


JBL's N-Center is a two-way, 5-inch center-channel loudspeaker featuring a high-impact molded enclosure to improve sound clarity and power. Characteristics include 150-watt power handling, 8-ohm impedance, 90 dB sensitivity, and 75 to 20,000 Hz frequency response. The 0.75-inch titanium-laminated tweeter and dual 5-inch PolyPlas (polymer-coated cellulose fiber) woofers rely on the same JBL technology used in professional theaters and stadiums around the world.

Shielded components permit distortion-free placement near video monitors. High-temperature, oversized Kapton voice coils and HeatScape motor structures allow this speaker to play all types of movies and music. The FreeFlow flared port increases bass response without adding unwanted port noise. JBL's custom-designed drivers allow the use of a simple, Straight-line Signal Path (SSP) crossover network with high-quality electrical components that minimize processing that could otherwise degrade the audio signal.

JBL's N-Center model loudspeaker features a dark gray finish and includes a two-year parts and labor warranty on the speaker enclosure and a five-year parts and labor warranty on the speaker driver and internal components.

Phillip Corcoran

Yes you'll need an amplifier for that as it's just a passive speaker.

Alternatively you can buy a quality active PC speaker set (2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 depending on your sound card's specs) which has an integrated mains-powered amplifier. It'll look neater than a separate amplifier anyway if the speakers are for PC use. They'll all be matching speakers from the same manufacturer so the whole setup will look more presentable than what you're currently trying to do.
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