How to connect my Alienware Digital Output to an Amplifier


Feb 16, 2015
Hi Everyone,

I recently moved house and as a result I now have a spare amp which I would like to connect to my Alienware PC if possible.

I bought an optical cable hoping I could work out how to run from the S/PDIF Opitcal Output to the Amp.

My amp, which is a few years old, is a Denon AVR-1610 (manual here --> )

The Amp has two optical inputs - OPT1 (TV) and OPT2 (DVR). I have tried running the optical cable into both of those ports and setting Amp to those channels but hear no sound.

Previously I was running basis speakers from the orange speaker out port so I am not sure if this is -

a) A setting issue on the physical PC
b) Misuse of the optical out port
c) Misuse of the amp and how it works

I am not very savy when it comes to Audio so any assistance would be appreciated!

Thanks very much.
The digital inputs on the receiver would have to be assigned in the input set up menu of the receiver for them to be active. The default is probably video and audio via HDMI. You can assign the optical connection to any input label on the receiver. Make sure that the optical out on the PC is on. The receiver will indicate when it is getting a signal on the front panel.
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