How to connect my subwoofer system having 3.5 mm jack to my Videocon HD tv set


Nov 9, 2015
Hello friends,

Could you please help me. I have Videocon 1080p HD tv (model no VJU32HH). Though the picture quality of this set is superb but the built-in speakers are small and sound comes out very low.

My question is:
1) How I will connect my subwoofer system to my TV. My subwoofer only supports 3.5mm (Male) jack.
2) If above is not possible what sound system / sound-bar should I look for to get a great sound output from my TV.

Attaching the screenshot of the connectivity console of my said TV.
Note: My TV also supports HDMI-CEC


Thanks in advance
--Abhishek Saha
Your TV has an av out that looks like a stereo mini plug. You could try connecting this directly to the subwoofer. You would need a cable with a stereo mini plug at one end and two mono miniplugs at the woofer end. You would only use one of them. This might not work if when a plug is inserted into the av out on the TV if it turns off the built in speakers.
You can try it and see.
Otherwise you need a soundbar or HTS that has an analog aux input (very common),
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