How to connect new CD/blue-ray player's digital-only output to older analog-only stereo rcvr?


Sep 12, 2015
Just bought a very nice blue-ray player (Samsung BD-J5100/ZA) that has HDMI and (coax)"digital-audio" outputs only. Very nice when we want to watch video, but we also want to play audio CD's through our old analog-only stereo receiver. Obviously, that requires some kind of digital-to-analog converter. Owners' manual says the digital output will be "PCM 2 ch", what else do I need to know when choosing a converter?



The original OP's post said "manual says the digital output will be "PCM 2 ch" " -- No need for a 5 channel converter. It is handy to know that exists, but I thought I had the correct recommendation since 2CH was specified in the original post.


Sep 12, 2015
Thanks, kanewolf, I do indeed have just plain old 2-channel stereo, not 5.1. However, when I looked up "monoprice" on, the results didn't inspire confidence. My attempt at a followup request to you for specifications (as opposed to a single product) didn't show up on the board, but I've kept on digging and am now about to order a ViewHD "VHD-D2AC" from Amazon.
Also considered what might be called "VDMI tap" converters, i.e. one HDMI input, one HDMI out, plus the analog outputs. That sounded elegant, but there are reports of color-shift or other video distortions so I'll just stay with the player's separate digital-audio output. Thanks!
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