How to connect old philips HTS 3500s to my new LG smart TV, I have red, yellow, white cables


Nov 14, 2017
I'm trying to connect my old Philips hts3500s DVD player to new LG smart TV! I have red, yellow, white cables. All connected by colors, but nothing works, Do I need special converter or something?
Without the model number of the TV we can't give you an exact answer.
For disc playback you would connect the AV output of the HTS to the TV AV input. If the TV has a component video input (3 RCA jacks) use that to get video from the DVD the TV. The composite video output (1 RCA jack) will work but won't look as good. You don't need to get audio from the DVD to the TV.
For TV sound through the Philips the best option would be to use the digital audio output of the TV to the coax digital input on the HTS. Most likely the TV has an optical output so you will need an optical to coax digital audio converter and cables to connect it to the TV and HTS. Check the TV manual on how to turn on and configure the optical output in the TV audio menu.
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