How to connect Sennheiser HD558 to PS4?


Jan 13, 2014
So I'm new to console gaming so I'm sorry if t his comes off sounding stupid. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 558 I use while playing games and listening to audio on my PC. Well I want to use them for my PS4 I just got... but I cant figure out how. On the pack of the PS4 there is only an optical audio out and a HDMI out.

I tried plugging my headset into the port on the bottom of the controller but that doesnt do anything for me.... So what do I need to make this work? Do I need some kind of amp? is so what would be the best amp under $50.

If there is a cheaper route I would love to go that way but I still want my headset to sound good.


Do I need something like an Astro Mixamp?