how to connect speaker wires to a usb plug


Aug 10, 2015
old speakers have nonremovable wires & I would like to convert the bare ends to a USB or other type of plug that would be able to be connected to a radio or CD/DVD player


Jan 31, 2015
You can't just plug a speaker into a USB port on audio equipment. At best it won't work; at worst you will destroy the equipment. What audio output connectors does your unit have?
A CD or DVD player (not a home theater in a box) doesn't have amplifiers in it so you can't connect passive speakers like the ones you have to it without adding an amp.
If you have a headphone jack that won't power most speakers beyond a very low volume so you would need an amplifier here too.
If by radio you mean an old school table radio you can connect the bare wires to the speaker wire that connect the internal speaker. Best to disconnect the internal speaker
In no case would a USB do you any good except to blow things up.
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