How to connect STB to DVD Recorder



I would like to figure out how to connect my Panasonic DVD Recorder/VHS Player combo up to record TV.

I have an Amino A140 Set Top Box (DSL via my phone line) that connects to my Phillips HDTV via HDMI cable. The STB comes with an internal DVR. I would like to be able to record TV shows to my DVD Recorder not just to the DVR.

The Panasonic Recorder I have is an older model and does not have HDMI connections. It has the coaxial cable RF in & RF out, and 4 sets of the 3-connector set ups (white/yellow/red) for Audio/Video in and out connections, and an S Video on the back.

Currently, the phone line is hooked up to the Amino STB and connects directly to the back of my Phillips TV.

On the back of the Amino it has a connection for the phone line, and what looks like a 2 coaxial cable connections, an S video--but looks like it has more prongs (little holes) than what my DVD Recorder has, a USB port.

The TV has: PC input jack, Antenna input jack, HDMI input jack, audio input jack for PC connection, digital audio output jack, component video and audio input jack, audio input jack for HDMI, USB terminal, HDMI2 input jack, composite video and audio input jack.

When I had DISH service that had DVR included, I used to be able to record live TV to my DVD Recorder with no problem. I just had to change the TV channel to 3 and I could record from the TV to the DVD recorder. Now, my DVD recorder is not able to find the channel to connect to the TV. I have tried all kinds of combinations with hook ups and I can't figure it out. The DVD Recorder has a setup to automatically locate channels but it does not find any. I tried to program channel 3 to it and sometimes it will accept it, but I'm still not able to view the TV through it.

I know how to connect the DVD recorder to the TV and I can watch DVDs, etc., with it, but I'd like to be able to record stuff off the TV and save it to a disk, etc., like something I wanted to keep from the local news, or something like this.

I am wondering if I need to buy some type of adaptor that will connect the STB directly to the DVD Recorder, like a HDMI to composite setup or something like this. Does anyone know? Is there such a thing available?

I hope I have not made this too long or complicated and it makes sense.

Thanks for any help/advice.


HDMI to composite converters are available but not cheap. At least the good ones aren't cheap.

Have you tried coaxial out to coaxial in on the Panasonic recorder?

Also, you posted good information. Most people don't and it can get a little frustrating. What model Panasonic recorder is it?

Doing some research on the Amino box it shows S-Video output( you might be confused by the Mini DIN hookup) and analog output which sounds like it will work with your recorders inputs. Or try the coaxial first which will do both audio and video.

Happy recording, the Prisoner...



I appreciate your reply.

I must admit I inadvertently omitted saying in my initial posting that the A140 Amino STB is from a dual recorder installation/setup and it is in another room in the house. The main STB is in the living room.

That said, and after much frustration, I spent some time removing the Panasonic recorder to the living room and connecting it to that STB (an Amino unit, but different model number), and it worked. I connected it via coaxial cables from the STB to the recorder, from the recorder to the TV. I turned the TV to channel 3, and I can view TV through the DVD recorder. I can record TV with the DVD recorder with no issues.

I am sorry to have troubled you or anyone that was kind enough to read my posting and try to help.

I do appreciate your time and help with this matter.

Thank you!
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