how to connect stereo receiver to internet radio, i.e. Accuradio, wired or wireless?


Oct 1, 2015
I have home WiFi and would like to listen to an internet radio station (i.e. - Accuradio) on my surround sound system (Kenwwod VR-505). Either by wired or wireless.
AccuRadio isn't actually internet radio but a free streaming site with their own channels.
If you want AccuRadio one option is to connect a computer to your system and use a browser.
They also have apps for many devices so you could use any of these devices connected to your system with the headphone jack wired to the system
If you want to go wireless you could add a bluetooth receiver to your system and use your device to stream AccuRadio to your receiver.
For general internet radio a Sonos Connect can be wired to your receiver and you use computer, smartphone or tablet to control it. They don't support AccuRadio but have TuneIn and iHeartRadio. Comes preprogrammed with 100k station and you can add more. Also accesses many free and pay streaming services.
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