how to connect the linksys ea7500v2 router to a frontier modem


Aug 20, 2016
i got frontier a few weeks ago and they installed there modem and the eero router to that modem. however i get tons of speed fluctuations during the day. when i first got the system installed i would get 500 dn and 510 up most all day long. using my home wired network. i ran a cat6 cable from my network main hub to the eero 2nd port to get my pcs and cameras on the network and not on wifi.

i had a 2nd eero in the living room but it was so slow setting by the tv that is was slower than the 75mbps comcast system was. anyway i moved that eero to other side of the room and the speed went way up so the tv interfered with it, but for testing i took the linksys ea7500ve router i had on the shelf and bridged it and put it next to the tv and i got maybe 250 mbps up-dn instead of the eero speed of 50 mbps up-dn.

however i have my pc connected to a dock and that looks like it may be either failing or not up to speed as now everyday the speed goes a bit slower. so i tested this by connecting the pc directly to the hub setting in the area and the speed seems to go back up to 495 ish up and 510 ish dn. about what it started at.

anyway i'm wondering if i can connect that linksys ea7500ve router to the frontier modem directly and see if i get a better speed? i know some will say the eero is much better but i do not think so when i walk around the house and yard now i get speeds that are all over the place and when i was using the onl c3700 comcast modem/router i had much better speeds around the same testing spots. and that was a dinosaur unit per most on the netgear forums.

so i would like to test this out and see if the linksys will provide a better and stable speed connection. i would run the main cat6 from the internet port on the linksys to the frontier modem and then run a line from the linksys to the network unit to get my system back . but i have to make sure that is how it would connect.

reset the linksys and run the yellow port directly into the frontier modem just like the eero is now. then connect the other linksys port/s back to the network hub and maybe even connect the eero unit again and spread then around the area . but use the linksys as the main router.