How to delete THUMBNAILS in sony camcorder


Apr 14, 2011
Not sure if this problem exists with other brands but in Sony Camcorders
(i have the PJ760). I've noticed that it's the same on other models like cx550 and such.
When I delete my videos, or delete an entire day/event, the thumbnails are still visible in the album gallery. Then when you click on the thumbnails, it will try to open the video file and after about 5 seconds, it'll say the video is not found.

Why does the thunbnail still stay in the albums? Is there a way to delete them too after deleting the actual videos?

For these reasons:
1) when searching through my entire album and going over months and days and days of shooting, the thumbs are all there and sometimes I forget that the files are actually deleted so when I go to view them, i was so much time not realizing it was gone but the thumb was there so i thought it was still there.

2) Sometimes you don't want others seeing a thumbnail of a video you took and quickly deleted. They can access the album and even though you deleted the videos, the thumbnails are still there and they can see what you recorded.

If anyone knows how to delete the thumbnails too, that would be great.

It has kept all my thumbnails of videos recorded since April 2013 even though the actual files are all deleted. So when I want to review some video files I just took say on August 13th, 2013, I have to scroll through every single day of video recording I ever took since April to get to what I just shot today. All those thumbnails lead to nothing as the files are gone anyways...what a nuissance!!! Just delete the thumbnails too geez...why does it keep them there?


Apr 14, 2011

I know it's a been a long time but I forgot to follow up....I found out the only way to delete the thumbnails is to basically just format the card or internal memory (whichever I'm using). If I don't want any of the thumbnails hanging around still after I've deleted the files, I'd have to format the card each time after every usage.
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