How to find a phone that has no battery and it only lost at home and no one has stole it.It was samsung J 7 prime and no activ

Thu Ta

Apr 22, 2017
Tips pls
How to find a phone that has no battery and it only lost at home and no one has stole it.It was samsung J 7 prime and no active options.
And i can't find it



There is no software, hardware, or other magic that can do this.
You'll just have to look around.


As said, there is no magic solution. Search first in all of the likely places, under couch cushions, in the pocket of a jacket you may have placed back in the closet, under car seats, under a stack of mail, newspapers. After exhausting the easy solutions, develop a plan to go through the house, room by room, drawer by drawer, etc.


May 23, 2012
I can tell you from experience that it will be in the last place you look. So what you have to do is figure out how to look in the last place first.

Why was the battery out? Where were you when you took the battery out? The answers may help lead you to your phone.
Dec 9, 2018
Definitely don"t know much about Near Field Communication, but if your cell phone had it, would it be thinkable of detecting it by kind of "reverse" NFC?
And what about using a normal, common metal detector?
And as regards "search all over the place" - even your car or garden house would be part of "your place", and lots more that come to mind only by and by. Good success and/or luck!
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