How to get Bookshelf Speakers with single input to work with multiple inputs.


Sep 2, 2016
I was looking into getting the Roth Audio OLI RA1 2 Way Pair Of Bookshelf Design Speakers which have a single input on the back (banana cable). I want to put my computer Xbox One S and Amazon Echo Dot all through these speakers without having it go to the hassle of changing audio inputs manually. As they are passive I would also require an amplifier to power them (LEPY 2024A Plus Amplifier). Not only am I slightly confused about how to actually wire up the speakers correctly but also if I would even be able to connect three devices to them. From my reading I have found that it may be possible through the use of a mixer but I am still unsure.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Which wires would I require?
What additional hardware do I require to achieve this?
You don't need a mixer unless you want to listen to more than one source at the same time.
All you need is an integrated amplifier with at least three inputs.
Or you could add an input selector to any amp.
You will need a stereo cable for each source. Probably 2 RCA plugs at the amp end. The connector at the source end will vary depending on the source. No additional hardware unless you can't get analog audio from a source.
To get the best sound quality a used integrated amp or receiver will give you the best bang for the buck. More power and better sound. The little digital amps and cheapo integrated amps (like the one I link to) usually have over rated power specs and don't sound great. Older Marantz AV receivers without HDMI are cheap and sound good for the price.
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