How to get digital surround sound audio from ps3 and pc at the same time?


Oct 18, 2014
Hi, I have the Astro a50 headphones in this configuration:
mixamp--->USB--->PC for just stereo audio and voice,
mixamp--->optical--->PS3 for 5.1 surround from PS3.

My question is, how would I get digital surround sound audio from both the PS3 and PC, and listen to them at the same time? Thanks!


Sep 7, 2014
Are you trying to play both through a surround sound system, or through your headphones?

If it's through your headphones, I'm sure you can find a free software to act as your mixer, and make the output your headphone jack (or your headphone USB port, if you're using surround sound headphones). If you're trying to make the two merge into a surround sound receiver for a room, you'll have to do the same thing, but use a surround sound/multichannel output sound card to deliver each independent channel to your receiver. If you can find a sound card with optical output (not likely a cheap item, if available), then that would be your best answer to running your audio to a full room surround sound receiver.