How to Get Multiroom Audio Involving TV Soundbar?


Jun 8, 2015
I currently live in a small apartment with my wife and our kitchen is separated from the living room. Because of the size of the living room I could only go with a sound bar setup due to a lack of room for furniture AND surround speakers. So because the kitchen is separated it is difficult to hear the music from the living room sound bar when we connect to it via bluetooth to stream Pandora (we like background music for meals and entertaining).

Anyway so my thought was that I could place a bluetooth speaker in the kitchen and link that to the sound bar giving a multiroom audio setup, however thus far I am stumped how to do this as my sound bar (LG las551h) cannot connect to multiple devices at once.

Any suggestions? Could I connect the sound bar to a receiver with multiple blue tooth connections (if that exists)? Thanks for your help!


Chances are you have a smartphone or tablet. Use that with a Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen or wherever to stream the music. I do that all the time, makes for a nice portable setup for music/video. My son and I have a pool table in the basement, and we carry my Bluetooth speaker down there along with a phone and play music that way.
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