How to install M.2 ssd


Jun 2, 2016

I have recently bought an ASUS ROG GL552VX, with a memory upgrade option slot of a M.2 ssd pcie x4.

So I bought a SAMSUNG EVO 950 pro 256Gb to add in my memory and to improve its performance.
The problem is, my laptop can not detect the M.2 ssd from SAMSUNG. I tried to set it up also in the Bios, but still, cannot be detected.

If ever you can help me guys, looking forward for all of your answers.



That should have worked right off the bat when you install the M.2 SSD. :( Have you tried removing it then putting it back in? Also make sure that the retaining screw is well in placed. If it doesn't work do also try updating BIOS if there's a latest one. If all these will not work I would suggest replacing it instead.


Jul 11, 2016

I have the exact problem. Have you solve this? Please care to share. Thank you.
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