how to make a menu driven program for addition and subtraction in c++,using functions


I think you mean "Hey, I am a student and I want someone to do my homework for me." that's not what this site is about.

Perhaps you should reconsider the courses you are taking; either that or discuss your problem with your teacher.

Raghav Sawhney

Oct 7, 2014
I am doing Eco(Hons) from St.Stephen,Delhi and my course is nowhere related to C++ but had the desire to learn it and have somewhat learnt it from Youtube without the help of any teacher,so i am just requesting experts like you to help me out so that i can get better at the language!!!



In that case I would suggest that you avoid placing artificial restrictions on your problems. Use whatever header files may be necessary to write your program.

The program itself is trivial. As you are trying to teach yourself I realize that you are not asking people to write the program for you but have tried and have some problem with it. Show us what you have written and ask specific questions about what is going wrong and someone will offer advice. Until you show what you have done so far it is impossible to judge where you may be going wrong.

If you wish to learn C++ I would suggest that it would be better to buy a good text on the subject rather than following random YouTube tutorials.