Question How to make soundcore Infini pro to produce sound through Optical cable?

Jul 24, 2021
My TV has two HDMI ports but no HDMI arc support. So I connected optical cable from Tata sky binge plus to soundcore Infini pro soundbar but sound is not coming from soundbar. Sound is coming only through AUX port and Bluetooth port but not from optical cable. Infact there's no option to set the soundbar to optical input. Any suggestions here pls?
Jul 24, 2021
Could be the optical cable is bad, the source it not sending the signal, the port is bad, the connection is not made properly in the ports, really many reasons.
Optical cable issue is resolved. I have got a new firmware update from anker and I have updated soundcore Infini pro but after the update there's some issues in the sound. How to go back to previous firmware or to delete update? Is there any way?
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