how to make the google chrome to function on windows 10 as it suddenlly not functional once it clean up the system


This happened to me a couple of days ago. Re-installing, removing adblockers, etc., didn't work.

What fixed the problem was a restart of Windows. There had been an update applied that required a restart. Restart took care of the issue.

Good luck.


Jan 30, 2014

Yeah, restarts do work wonders. But in the case I had to deal with, only a re-install did it.
Definitely try the restart first though!



Sep 3, 2016

Chrome stopped opening whatever pathway I tried. Would cycle through and tell me server was not found ... or whatever. At first I believe this until I found I could open Foxfire & Edge without problem, while my preference, muscle memory, and default browser is Google Chrome. This has happened every one to two weeks for the last couple of months. Assumed that the problem was all Chrome's, I removed & reinstalled Chrome (the Chrome fixit tool did not find any problems) AND restarted my system Windows 10 (64-bit). That worked for the first two fixes of same problem. Then it didn't. While searching for clues went to Setting/Update & security which opens with Windows Update highlighted in blue on the left-hand block menu. Crazy glitchy thing is when Chrome won't open, the entire right-hand block for Windows Update was EMPTY WHITE SPACE.

Advised by local IT fixit shoppe, I used Restore Point for Windows 10 from back when I did not have this problem with Chrome, and voila! Chrome works without having to reinstall it.

Is there something in a recent Windows Update(s) that leads to this glitch with Chrome, where Chrome stops working on some machines? This problem only occurs on my upgraded old traveling laptop: Lenovo T420s i5 8GB RAM, 250SSD. I run the same software setup on a one-year old Lenovo E550 i7 16GB RAM 500SSD without this problem.

Since my "Win10 Restore Point Fix" has worked at least 3 times this summer, my singular deduction is this Windows Update problem. I am a neophyte to IT troubleshooting in this century, having been coddled by IT Pros in an Enterprise setting for more than 2 decades. Am I missing something by looking only at Windows 10 as the culprit?

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