How to make Ubuntu installation in second drive work?

Sep 3, 2019
In the BIOS there's not a Boot Device List like other devices I own, the "Boot Order" only has 3 options, Windows Boot Manager, IPv4 and IPv6, no SATA, PCIE, LAN or USB Drive options. Even so, if I put a Pendrive with the ISO for Windows or Ubuntu, it´s recognized as a bootable device in the Boot Menu.

In the past I face troubles installing Ubuntu in a second drive, because the GRUB was installed in my main drive anyways, and I want to avoid it. I made the installation in another computer, test the drive using as second or main, and works in three devices. But when I put it on the target device, is recognized, but doesn't appear in the Boot List. The Boot Menu only has the 3 options mentioned earlier. If I change the SATA setting from RAID On to AHCI, doen´t show either, but Windows won't boot and a Blue Screen shows up on every try.

Theres any change I could do to make this work?