How to reinstall windows 8 in a tablet

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Oct 20, 2013
Here is my issue. My dad got me a hp Elite Pad 900 tablet from his company. But the tablet is password protected and he doesnt have access to the password. Is there any way to log in without knowing the password?

I tried going to the trouble shoot menu by restarting after pressing shift, and a menu came for resetting or refreshing pc. When i click on reset pc, they ask to insert your windows installation or recovery media to continue. And i dont have those? Refresh pc ask for the admin password and i dont have that. So i am kinda stuck now.

So i think i can download/buy a new windows 8 and then reinstall it. I know how to do that in a computer but how do you reinstall windows in a tablet? And what windows 8, 32 bit shall i buy? A normal computer one or do they have a separate tablet version for Hp Elite pad 900?

Thanks in advance!
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