How to see BIOS, as internal laptop (make HP dv3500 series) display broken, NO signal on external monitor while booting ?


Jan 11, 2015
Hi everyone...:bounce:

I am somewhat stranded, because I cannot find a solution for my problem :(
Also I need to say that I went thru many 'help desks and sites', yet I wasn't lucky yet.

Here we go:

Subject: How to enter BIOS, as my internal Laptop display is broken and external monitor gets a ONLY a signal via VGA->VGA and/or HDMI->HDMI after WIN7 has started.
I.E. I cannot view the booting process, nor can I see 'pre-WIN installation screens' produced by WIN7 in case of repair/recovery actions.

System Information as follows:

-model Laptop: HP Pavilion dv3500 series
-WIN7 Home Premium 32bit
-Bios HP F.18 (Bios may be a INSYDE product)

Many people I asked, are of the opinion, that it should be no big deal to connect an external monitor and instantly get a Signal and Output.
I can state, that this is NOT the case with me.
I presume that the make of the Laptop HP and/or of BIOS (HP or INSYDE, I am not sure of the make) are giving Problems

- I am aware of how to use hot keys (during booting and after), so ALT+[ something], or WIN + [P] are known to me and work, while on WIN7 platform
-FN + [something] won't work during booting
- cables and connections are in order (VGA, HDMI)
- graphic card (in as much I can tell) functions flawlessly

Is someone familiar with this problem I am facing???

Any ideas are welcome.


P.S. It would also help, to find somebody with experience with BIOS F.18 (HP/INSYDE).


Alt + commands and Start + P do not work as you noticed(Features of the OS).

FN + F4(check as some systems are different) should have worked. I have done this to many notebooks with broken screens. On some systems you may require more than one FN + F4 to get it to display on just an external screen and it resets whenever the system is power cycled.
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