Solved! How to set default instalation/download files or games to ext_sd for LG

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Jan 12, 2015
Hello everyone, i just got my new samsung 32gb evo+ sd card.
There are so many topic about how to to that but 0 for other devices expect from samsung!
Unfortunately i have LG G2 mini and i would like to help me and please dont give me that link:
because its totally useless (for me)!

The first solution with lucky patcher i tried was a fail with the "error: Moving to SD Card finished with and error (try again): pkg: /data/app/ com.fingersoft.hillclimp-1.apk Failire [INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE]
ok thats a small game but i have many games big or small like asphalt 8 and more

The second link was a fail too well i have no idea what that app do. i didnt every think on the video but the games keep on take space from my phone storage. i press to transfer them to sd card but nothing chane. well maybe they did go to sd card but NOT to external_sd card. Why they even put the internal storeage as an sd card too.

The third link no idea where to go because i have a lg phone

The truth is that i didnt search all the forum but if there is a solution please share it with me my 32gb sd card its totally useless.
Thank you for your time reading my post.
Edit: i also want to autamticaly games form play store to be installed on ex_sd card
even clean master say that dont need to transfer to sd card because is the same.
From my option when i transfer a game (plants vs zomibes 2 512MB) to sd card before transfer free sapce 2.63gb and after tranfer to sd card 2.65gb


Jan 12, 2015

Yes my phone is rootes and if you see the link i sent is the same as yours. that was the first thing to try with rom toolbox. i conigure apps2SD and set it SD card after that i download a game from play store but still my SD card was empty. also after that i try to instal google chrome and youtube but "not enough space. even though i had 3GB free spate to my phone and 28 to my sd card and when i set it back to auto i could install it without any problem but it install it on phone. so maybe rom toolbox dont work for lg or for my model. my sd card its untouched.
Also i donwload Link2SD but not supported for my phone. couldnt do anything :(
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