How to setup my component system to PC?


Sep 7, 2013
Hello, how do I properly setup my stereo system to my pc? It's a JVC component system. I have connected it through the aux ports to the green jack using an RCA cable, but the rear speakers only play on really low volume when I change the component's surround sound settings to either dance, hall or stadium but the rear speakers and center speaker has no sound when its on stereo mode. Is there any way for me to make this work? Also, when I use the Speaker Setup on Windows and test for 5.1, only the left and right speakers make sounds.
If your PC and JVC both have digital audio connections that would be better than the analog 2 channel PC output you are using now. If you can't use digital then set your PC for 2 channel output. If your JVC is set to stereo then the center and rears will not work (stereo is the two front speakers by definition). You will need to balance the relative volume of all the speakers to get any surround sound. The JVC should have a way for you to do this (either a menu or individual controls on the remote or the unit itself. Try different surround modes for the best effect.