How to share Wi-Fi on Android using USB tethering

Nov 12, 2022
I have done this with my pc's and laptops. Can this be done with a smart tv ? I know that trying to tether the usb port will not work.

However, can the phone's usb-c to usb cable, be converted to ethernet, and connect a cat 5 or 6 cable from the "converter", to the ethernet on the tv ?

Yes I know the easier part is the hotspots wireless to the tv's wifi..however with the wifi there comes a speed cap.. I already have a mesh wifi unit to connect multiple devices (there also is a device connection cap). I would like a dedicated "hardwire" tether from the cell phone to the ethernet on the TV (no throttle). I am in a rural area and want to make the best of this, until fiber comes my way next year. Yes I am running my home network from 2 cell phones (2 mesh units). No data cap, unlimited. Been successful in doing this for a few months. In the end if there is no solution, it's not the end of the world, I do have 5mbps for the wifi devices, and full speed on any single tethered device at any one time, I am a senior and rarely use anything better than 720p, not a gamer etc.

Thanks for reading !