Question How to steam 24-bit/96 kHz flacs on Powered speakers

Jan 9, 2021
so I have Edifier S2000 Pro power speakers, it has optical/coax input supports up to 192KHz Sampling Rate,

currently as a source i use onboard PC sound card : H81M-E33 mobo , Chip integrated by Realtek® ALC887

but it is connected via 3.5mm aux, therefore it wont use its maximum potential (because speakers support 192khz samling rate with only optical/coax input) , while I stream flac files on hard drive through AUX connection.

now question is, if I upgrade my internal sound card with ASUS XONAR SE , which has S/PDIF out , and connect both with optical cable, will it trully reproduce uncompressed sampling rate ?

or what other recommendations you have?

I am stereo guy dont care for 5.1 7.1 systems, listen mostly music, so clarity is what i want rather than loudness.