How to Test DTS effect working in Yamaha ATS-2070

Dec 14, 2018
Hi, I am trying to check DTS feature in my Yamaha ATS 2070 sound bar. But I dont know how to check any one has step by step to do it?
Press the surround button on the remote. When the DTS 3D effect is on the surround light on the soundbar will be blue. When the light is green then you have regular surround playback. Neither is going to be like real surround sound but might as well try it. Might work well on some content and not so well on other.
Well, problem is, soundbars don't do REAL surround, they do a fake surround, a virtual surround they call it. I've heard a real surround system and I know how that sounds and can compare, but if u haven't heard a real surround before, you would have no point of reference.
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