How to upgrade a case? (Optiplex 3010 prebuilt)

The problem with OEM systems is that they often have proprietary parts.

Before buying anything:
Make sure your front panel power button/led, usb, and audio ports all conform to atx standard.
Research your OEM board to make sure the 24pin power connector conforms to OEM standard. Some people have found out the hard way that the OEM wired the PSU cable different than standard.

Also, whatever EVGA psu you found for $35 is not going to be a very good PSU. EVGA has some really good ones, but their cheap ones are not; you have to get up into b2/g2/g3 level before you get a quality unit.
I would either get seasonic s12 (which you can find for $40 or less often), or corsair CX450 or CX550.


Jul 18, 2014
I would think just case fans and a aftermarket cooler for the CPU would be good but you going to want to check out the measurements on the case to verify you can fit a CPU cooler and make sure the motherboard has enough fan headers.