How to upgrade video card


Aug 13, 2016
Hey gyzz i am using hp probook 4540s with 1gb amd radeon and intel 4000 video card i want to upgrade my amd card from 1 gb to 3 gb or more if possible ? Can anyone tell me about that is it possible or not ?
You cannot upgrade the RAM on a graphics card, not even on a desktop graphics card. Also, you cannot upgrade the graphics chip on that laptop.
Only specific models of gaming laptops that generally cost at least $1,400 US will offer you the ability to replace the GPU. That is become some use MXM GPUs. MXM is basically like a slot / port to install GPU; it is like an actual GPU card, but only for laptops.

It is only found some expensive gaming laptops because MXM GPUs are more expensive to manufacture compared to a GPU chip that can simply be soldered in to the motherbaord. MXM is limited to powerful GPUs. The Radeon 7650m is a weak GPU. Creating a MXM version of it would be too expensive to justify having one in a laptop.

If you want better game performance, then you simply have to buy a new / newer laptop. If you want to buy a laptop with a replaceable GPU (MXM format), then you need to do some research. Even a $2,500 US laptop may not give you the option to replace the GPU.