How to wire new house for Dish TV

Jan 24, 2019
We are building a new house and want to have wiring in place for satellite TV so that, when we move in we don't have to let satellite company string wires throughout. We currently have Dish in our existing house and will proabably remain with them. How should we wire? Coax from where dish will be to where receiver will be? What do we want to do from there to where other TVs will be so that we can watch TV in multiple rooms?


It is cheap to wire before the walls are finished. The best thing is to "home run" wire the house. Then it doesn't matter what type connectivity you have. Google "home run low voltage wiring"

If you don't want to do that, then I would recommend TWO RG6 quad shield from the antenna location on the outside of the house to each bedroom and the livingroom/game room. All the splitters are on the outside of the house.

I would also recommend TWO ethernet cables to those same rooms and to any location you may want a video camera. Again you "home run" those cables to a central location.
DISH has wired and wireless options. It depends on the number of TVs and boxes you need.
If there is any other AV or network wiring done then you can have a pro prewire the house for you. Many builders have AV installers that they work with.
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