Question HP 15-f272wm displaying a dim white light and orange light on right side, Wont turn on

Nov 12, 2023
On the right side of the laptop, a dim white light and orange light occurs when the laptop is turned on, nothing happens beyond this but the computer slowly heats up if left on for long enough.

The power light on the OTHER side of the laptop displays different things depending on the circumstance:

With a battery plugged in, the light is orange and after a few minutes starts blinking white.
If no battery is plugged in, the light is white.

I have tried a power reset by holding down the button
- With the battery removed and charging cable removed
- With the battery in and charging cable removed

Nothing has seemed to work, the laptop started doing this after a hibernation by closing the lid.
I got it to come on at COMPLETE random afterward after a few hours of on and off restarting, where i double tapped the power button quickly and it seemed to come on, but now it is no longer coming on for days now. only displaying an orange light and wont power back off.

The battery has been dead for a few years so it has ran on the cable for any amount of time its ever been powered on.

I'm unsure where to look next or what to do as the laptop is full of important stuff and doesn't seem completely dead yet.

As an extra note, I've noticed that plugging in a USB device allows the device to semi function but it doesn't change that the laptop fails to boot. USB keyboards will not function or light up a capslock. but an external HDD (Passport) seems to blink white indicating its getting some kind of power