Hp 4th gen laptop vs 6th gen


Jan 8, 2016
Hey I recently purchased a laptop. And the store had a mix up with the laptop. Here is what they have told me
"We regret to advise that the boxing day giant deal HP 15-AC604TU (SKU143392) has been supplied to us with a different processor than what was advertised.

This model was originally meant to have a 6th generation Intel i7-6500 processor and was advertised as such, but has instead shipped with a 4th Generation Intel i7-4510 processor.

The key differences are that the 6th Generation processor has better power management and has a 0.5Ghz higher baseline speed. Both however are dual core i7 processors."

I'm asking is the laptop supplied a good computer, is it worth keeping or should I return it for another.



Better power management usually means longer battery life. However, that also depends on all the other components in the laptop, not just the CPU. But generally speaking laptops with 6th gen Intel CPUs should have a little better battery life compared to a laptop with 4th gen Intel CPUs assuming all other components are the same.

While the baseline difference between the Core i7-4510 and i7-6500 is 500MHz (0.5GHz), the actual difference would roughly be about 800MHz because of minor improvements to the processor's architecture design. For example, a 6th gen Intel CPU running at 3.0GHz would roughly be equivalent to a 3.275GHz 4th gen Intel CPU based on an average of a few dozen different benchmarks.

The Intel HD 520 graphics core in the 6th gen CPU is more powerful than the Intel HD 4400 graphics core in the 4th gen CPU. Though both are weak compared to a basic dedicated GPU like the nVidia 940m.

The link below shows some average game benchmarks between the HD 520 and HD 4400.



Sep 14, 2012
The power management I wouldn't worry about so much, might translate in some heat, but that's not as important.
The speed is a bit more impactful, and combined with the more efficient architecture it pushes the performance of the 6500 ahead of the 4510.

And if you plan on gaming on it the 6500 has an HD 520 graphics whereas the 4510 has a 4400. The 520 is quite a bit better than the 4400

If you can get what was advertised I'd definitely switch it. But I suppose that's not an option.
It kind of depends how much of a deal it was on whether you should bring it back, but I'd lean toward yes.
I mean, the 4510 is a Haswell CPU, which is just fine. But it's not a skylake.
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